August 9, 2019 @ 9:30pm (Doors @ 8:30pm)

The Dragon Lounge at Elements Casino Surrey (map)
17755 60 Ave., Surrey, B.C.
Tel: (604) 576-9141


  • General Admission: $20 (plus s/c) in advance, $30 at the door.

  • Reserved Table with 7 seats: $120 (plus s/c) in advance only.

**Strictly 19+

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The 2019 festival kicks off with a night of stand-up comedy in partnership with Elements Casino Surrey, featuring some of Greater Vancouver's finest comedians: Rae Lynn Carson, Ash Dhawan, Rajneesh Dhawan, Al Hassam, Devon Kandola, and Leena Manro (I Can't Believe It's Not Butter Chicken fame).

The evening will be hosted by the talented and funny Kalyn Miles, who has hosted the Leo Awards for the past five years!

The night will continue with a post-show dance party featuring High Voltage Roadshow's DJ Beatdrop!

Cash bar and dinner menu will be available.

About The Comedians

Kalyn Miles (MC)


Kalyn won’t do that typical bio writing thing, that is to bore you with a list of her credentials cause a: it feels a little braggy and b: she only has 1 and it was just a video on her insta story...that only got 3 views. 

Kalyn is an avid collector of Bart Simpson T-shirts, aged scotch, cans of Mango Palm Bay and sweatpants with words written across the ass. She enjoys tripping toddlers at daycares, screaming profanities into the ocean in the hopes of offending a narwhal and acting in a few things here and there. She’s currently giving the performance of a lifetime in 12 part mystery series called “Will she or won’t she make rent this month?” We’re betting on no. 

Her mantle is decorated with at least 6 Leo awards...all of which she was not actually nominated for. Tune in to Skype this weekend to see her eat melted ice cream sandwiches and cry into her velvet wolf blanket...which she also stole.

Rae Lynn Carson


Rae Lynn Carson is a Jill of all comedy trades. Not only does she do stand up, she's an improviser and sketch comedy writer.

She performs regularly with Vancouver TheatreSports, Nasty Women Comedy, and guests on lots of shows around town!

The best way to describe her comedy is 'weird but in a good way'.

Instagram: @raelynncarson

Ash Dhawan


Ash Dhawan (A.K.A Bad Ash) has made quite an impression with her "OMG, did she just say that?" variety of comedy. Her hilarious take on life as a single south asian woman has captured audiences attention across Canada. 

She was the winner of Vancouver's Funniest comic with a Day Job contest in 2011, and the back to back winner of the 2014 & 2015 BC's Funniest Female contest. She's an Engineer by day and a Comedian by night, and has been embraced by the comedy community working with formidable comedians such as India's founding father of stand-up comedy, Johnny Lever.

Her passion for comedy and dedication to her craft has made her a favorite among audiences of all ages and backgrounds. She also insists that all bio's written about her mention her obsession with Liam Neeson, her irrational fear of electrical fires and her incredible beauty.

Rajneesh Dhawan


Rajneesh Dhawan is a professor, playwright and a performer. He has more than 30 years of public speaking experience. His comedy career started in his college days in India where he eventually went on to write three television series and four documentaries. 

Since moving to Canada in 2009, Rajnesh has written five plays and his plays have been performed at various venues in the Fraser Valley. His latest comedy “Culture Shock” is under production and will be premiered in Fall this year. 

In 2017, he returned to the stand-up comedy and since then he has won the Fraser Valley comedy competition twice. He featured in Just For Laugh North West in Vancouver in 2018. In March this year he made it to the long list of the CBC’s NextUp competition.

Rajneesh is a regular performer with the “Fraser Valley comedy” and he has performed at multiple venues in Vancouver and the lower mainland.

Al Hassam


With an Indian background, Al Hassam was raised in a small town and he mixes knowledge of cultural ethnicity and relationships as key ingredients in his stand-up routine.

His love of comedy has allowed him to perform in venues across Canada and the U.S.

He is also passionate about community involvement and has performed with organizations such as Stand Up For Mental Health to promote a more inclusive society.  

Al's quick wit leaves audiences delighted with laughter. 

Devon Kandola


Devon Kandola is 27 years old, born in the lower mainland and raised as an Indian boy, by semi-Indian parents.

A regular at yuk-yuks Vancouver he has been a fan of comedy his whole life.

When he’s not focused on comedy, in his spare time he enjoys helping children learn how to make cocktails.

His proudest moment came when he once fought a bear. In his dream. He almost won.

Leena Manro


As one of the creators, writers and actors for the hit comedy play series: "I Can't Believe It's Not Butter Chicken", Leena has spent years honing her comedy chops on stage.  Recently, she's been diligently studying and performing stand up comedy.

Leena is currently a Founder and Director at All Purpose Creative; a design agency that creates compelling media design experiences where, for the last five years, Leena has been busy using her comic skills to create hilarious promotional and training videos for clients such as IBM.  

Leena Manro believes that humour is a universal language that translates into many mediums and reaches many people; and she is committed to doing just that.