AUGUST 13, 2017 @ 5PM

Surrey Arts Centre, Main Stage (map)
13750 88 Avenue
Surrey, BC, V3W 3L1
(604) 501-5566

Tickets:  $15 (plus s/c & GST)

*Show Length:  65 mins (No Intermission) + 15 min post-show talk back.


Malavika is an adaptation of Indian poet Kalidasa's first play, which was called Malavikagnimitram. Never before witnessed by the Greater Vancouver area, this mesmerizing love story shall transpire in a grand Hindi dance-theatre production through a unique combination of Kuchipudi and Garba/Raas dance forms. Captivating Hindi dialogues are intertwined with grand dances, sets and costumes to transport the audience to an ancient mythological Indian kingdom, which is the setting for the story of King Agnimitra's love for Malavika, who is an unheard of maid in the royal palace. It is said that Malavika was proficient in dance and music. The diverse plot is carried forward through intense battles, sorrow, comedy, and thrilling dance sequences set to a beautiful classical Hindi soundtrack, creating a movie on stage.

The leading roles are embodied by Vancouver’s Bharatanatyam stars Alex Parappilly and Ashvini Sundaram, alongside Kuchipudi enthusiast and director of the production, Savita Srinivasa.

Nrityenakatha is an Indian classical dance troupe devoted to conveying rare pieces of Indian literature through the language of dance. Bringing together a 12-member troupe primarily comprised of professionally trained Bharatanatyam and Kuchipudi dancers with dance experience in Garba/Raas, the company was recently formed to propagate Indian classical dance-theatre in the Greater Vancouver Area.


Written By Savita Srinivasa
Hindi Translation By Sobhana Srinivasa
Choreographed & Directed By Savita Srinivasa and Vanita Srinivasa
Music, Sound Design, Video Editing: Savita Srinivasa
Videography/Photography: Raymond Kam
Props: Chandni Datta
Costume Design: Sobhana Srinivasa
Performed By Donna Abraham, Chandni Datta, Sherry Duggal, Manju Ganti, Vaibhav Kumar, Prakruti Lodhia, Alex Parappilly, Geordie Parappilly, Ashvini Sundaram, Aarathi Sunthoram, Hemang Shah, Vanita Srinivasa, Savita Srinivasa
Voice Actors: Vaibhav Kumar, Aaushi Rawat, Nishant Sharma, Hemang Shah, Sandeep Singh, Reeti Soni, Rashmi Rawat, Savita Srinivasa, Amit Srivastava, Nahid Sultana, Mansi Tandon, Vivek Kumar
Stage Manager & Lighting Designer:  Shaurya Kanwar

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